Eever Schapes

A Giant Fern releases the last part of the Eever trilogy : Eever Schapes (AGF14).

Tracklist :
01_ Xivs I : Aural Vectorm
02_ Xivs II : Plyaurech Suns
03_ Xivs III : Tepes Reduct
04_ Vermys (Achermede)
05_ Aporeiq Schant
06_ gleasInd
07_ Shorrean Vilage
08_ Deflaverse

All sounds and their execution : Ichtyor Tides (2013)

Pro-dubbed cassette and presented inside a handmade wooden box. Limited to 50.

"Compositions with esoteric names like “Aporeiq Schant” and “Deflaverse” devise distinct arrangements of electronic sounds, capturing Akileus at his most assiduous. Several moments approximate the detail-oriented experimentation of late-nineties Mego fodder, ranging from meticulous digital edgework (“gleasind”) to anxious drone (“Shorrean Village”). It's the bits where he gives full attention to the finer points of sound that rank as his most compelling and well-realized creations."

Eever schapes s’envisage comme [...] l’observation patiente et anthropologique d’un paysage pris dans sa transformation. Après avoir laissé la matière se désagréger, le temps faire son long travail d’érosion, que reste-t-il à voir et à entendre ? Ichtyor Tides suit un fil ténu entre son et image, comme pour tenter de rassembler les dernières traces d’un monde à la fois archaïque et finissant. Sa musique ne se veut pourtant jamais théorique et contrairement à ce qu’il y paraît, ne fait que rarement place à l’abstraction, distillant quelques field recordings en guise de repères à l’auditeur aventureux. [...] Eever schapes est d'avantage un document, une plongée abyssale dans le vivant qu’une analyse froidement chirurgicale de notre monde contemporain. Il est conseillé avant toute chose de jeter une oreille aux deux albums précédents pour s‘imprégner de cet opus, tant les trois tableaux forment une œuvre indissociable, exigeante et fascinante. Ichtyor tides dresse une cartographie précise du drone et ses déclinaisons, quelles soient ambient ou expérimentales, laissant aussi voir sa propre entropie au travail."

"Eever Schapes changes the way in which we move around an otherwise natural landscape, introducing us to the notions of possibility and chance. It’s a less aggressive record than say, Tim Hecker’s Ravedeath, and yet still manages to behold the same stylistic values. [...] We as the listening audience want to get lost in the sound, to discover the patient hidden melodies, those small shying notes, that are craftfully placed beneath the surface of all consciousness, leading us into clouded thought."

"HALLUCINATIONS DRONE : [...] L'immersion absolue confine à l'hypnose et aux hallucinations auditives. [...] On touche ici la faculté qu'a la musique à signifier autre chose que du son."

"Drone is still the primary ingredient, although the thickness, timbre and length of these drones varies from piece to piece. […] Together, they form a tapestry of surprising sound; any listener who jumps to conclusions will be embarrassed when their initial impressions are proven wrong. […] Ichtyor Tides really comes into his own, […] this is evidence of an artist in control."

"This wooden case containing a cassette of beautifully stretched ambient/drone sounds from the French artist Ichtyor Tides really stands out among all the other tapes you might have. The sturdy, stunning package contains an equally stunning cassette of slightly stuttering, nevertheless deeply soothing synthesized nirvana. This stuff is not only cinematic and psychedelic, but also pretty huge."

"You will be treated with a perfect warm state of music that just makes everything pleasant and at ease. [...] It is as if everything is in sync, and music wise this is an absolute holistic and most welcome experience. [...] Some kind of strange sound piece that feels a bit if tiny pieces of sand, dust and a tiny amount of water is being circulated in some kind of absurd house hold machine. [...] Some space lasors and crackles, are added to this nervous sounding soundscape that besides its busy activity also seems to provoke a certain calmness.  [...] Clear music for relaxation that doesn’t sound like your local Enya gone wild, but more as a cosmic organism that simply wants to please the listener. [...] This release by this experimental artist shows an interesting side of sound, an abstract world that is pretty, sometimes weird, but most of the time very in balance and calming."