Vergier Begets

New split C30 cassette shared with Dog Hallucination
on Bicephalic Records.
Numbered limited edition of 50. Hand painted artwork & labels (All tapes are individually numbered & hand-painted). Digital download (including exclusive goodies). Available here.

[About Ichtyor Tides' track : ] "Then the chortles and sighs enter, along with otherworldly crunches and organ tones.  Something slimy is processing up the pews.  By the time it reaches the pulpit, all sense is drowned."

"Chambre hantée, aux objets abandonnés et progressivement réanimés, ce «  Deimonstritus » est la version horrifique des Toy Story et du unheimlichekeit philosophique."

[About Ichtyor Tides' track : ] "the track name is as experimental as the song it titles. [...] the silvery sounds organized on this track engendered a surprisingly decent listen, especially for an experimental track."

[About Ichtyor Tides' track : ] "Clanks come out now and the best way I keep thinking of this is as being some sort of electronic zoo full of electronic animals making their electronic animal sounds. Overall though it is ambient and chill. As it approaches the end it becomes celestial blissed out."