Vergier Begets reviewed by Obsküre Magazine
"Chambre hantée, aux objets abandonnés et progressivement réanimés, ce «  Deimonstritus » est la version horrifique des Toy Story et du unheimlichekeit philosophique."

Vergier Begets reviewed by Raised by Gypsies

[About Ichtyor Tides' track : ] "Clanks come out now and the best way I keep thinking of this is as being some sort of electronic zoo full of electronic animals making their electronic animal sounds. Overall though it is ambient and chill. As it approaches the end it becomes celestial blissed out."

Massemic Gabrage on Death Season 5 compilation

'Massemic Gabrage', a brand new Ichtyor Tides' track, is featured on the 'Death Season 5' compilation of the Darker Days Ahead label, a bleak journey through noisy and dark ambiented soundscapes.

Available on double sided black CDr in a slipcase with insert and dead leaves + free download.