En-Brunsia reviewed by The Tape Deck

"gauzy and amorphous atmosphere where haunting singularities twinkle and expand until their base elements crack open and burn their way through your subconscious. [...] entire worlds from strands of droning ambience and sporadic melodicism—it's a gorgeous and unsettling bit of skewed craftsmanship."


'En-Brunsia' : new tape (C55) available on Already Dead Tapes & Records label (AD247).

From the label description : "Definitely gauzy stuff. [...] Oceanic psych drone waves undulating and building. Total sonic sound bath."

Tracklist :
1_ Holgaze
2_ Termidhor
3_ Stroir
4_ Attreis
5_ Nofo
6_ Brohnne
7_ Vonal Sync
8_ Transiit
9_ Bricyeld

Picture by Nikola Akileus.
Artwork & layout by Joshua Tabbia.

Limited to 60 copies.

Antapices Qadrant reviewed by Obsküre Mag


"Un peu comme si nous cabotions le long d’une côte irradiée"