Antapices Qadrant reviewed by Obsküre Mag 

"Un peu comme si nous cabotions le long d’une côte irradiée" 

Antapices Qadrant reviewed by Lost In A Sea Of Sound

"Industrial drone tempered with natural field recordings, this composition harbors sounds of future mankind with the sparse remains of the natural world. [...] Majestically antapices qadrant lifts above the atmosphere and recharges from stars energy as the world below is secluded from light. [...] Appropriate tones for the cold winter and sunless skies."

Antapices Qadrant

From Elytrion to Eever : the sum of it all.

Tracklist :
1_ Tr.end
2_ Revnir
3_ Rendition Plant
4_ Synctuer
5_ Scorcic Phnomen
6_ Moortrip

Artwork & layout by Nikola Akileus.

Limited to 70 hand-numbered copies.