Vergier Begets reviewed by A Closer Listen

[About Ichtyor Tides' track : ] "Then the chortles and sighs enter, along with otherworldly crunches and organ tones.  Something slimy is processing up the pews.  By the time it reaches the pulpit, all sense is drowned."

Invision 0 on 'Already Dead VI: NEVER DIE'

'Invision 0', a track featured on the 6th annual comp of Already Dead Tapes & Records, "NEVER DIE". Available as free digital download (+ limited edition cassette*).

* Ichtyor Tides' track is only available on the digital download.

Vergier Begets reviewed by Obsküre Magazine
"Chambre hantée, aux objets abandonnés et progressivement réanimés, ce «  Deimonstritus » est la version horrifique des Toy Story et du unheimlichekeit philosophique."