Antapices Qadrant

From Elytrion to Eever : the sum of it all.

Tracklist :
1_ Tr.end
2_ Revnir
3_ Rendition Plant
4_ Synctuer
5_ Scorcic Phnomen
6_ Moortrip

Artwork & layout by Nikola Akileus.

Limited to 70 hand-numbered copies.

"Un peu comme si nous cabotions le long d’une côte irradiée" 

"Industrial drone tempered with natural field recordings, this composition harbors sounds of future mankind with the sparse remains of the natural world. [...] Majestically antapices qadrant lifts above the atmosphere and recharges from stars energy as the world below is secluded from light. [...] Appropriate tones for the cold winter and sunless skies."