'En-Brunsia' : new tape (C55) available on Already Dead Tapes & Records label (AD247).

From the label description : "Definitely gauzy stuff. [...] Oceanic psych drone waves undulating and building. Total sonic sound bath."

Tracklist :
1_ Holgaze
2_ Termidhor
3_ Stroir
4_ Attreis
5_ Nofo
6_ Brohnne
7_ Vonal Sync
8_ Transiit
9_ Bricyeld

Picture by Nikola Akileus.
Artwork & layout by Joshua Tabbia.

Limited to 60 copies.

"gauzy and amorphous atmosphere where haunting singularities twinkle and expand until their base elements crack open and burn their way through your subconscious. [...] entire worlds from strands of droning ambience and sporadic melodicism—it's a gorgeous and unsettling bit of skewed craftsmanship."

"It's an ambient sea of drone. [...] one of those experiences you can't possibly compare with anything."

"I’m just gonna let “EN-BRUNSIA,” with its references to asteroids and its alien-language track titles, wash over me like a narcotic wave, an ocean wave, filled with narcotics"

"A collection of nine translucent compositions breathes fourth-dimensional stardust into one’s perpetual lung—ever simmering and always abundant. There’s sphere crackling, orbital distancing, and a very spatial calling to one’s former life. Ichtyor Tides manage to subtly enter the void of impression, and with each subsequent track, a deeper layer is peeled."

"un foisonnement qui a tout du divin extirpé de la mécanique"

"a unique hybrid of nature and technology, like field recordings translated into ones and zeros—as if cricket chirps became electric signals, or firing neurons morphed into silicon chips."